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Advertising in Bangkok Airports

Advertising Agency INTERMEDIA GROUP offers you the opportunity to place advertisements in airports in Bangkok and Thailand. Advertising within airport premises is guaranteed to be perceived on a higher emotional level. Both image communications, which automatically position the advertiser as part of the most prestigious and technologically advanced industry, and rational incentives work equally well here. Contact us at: info@intermediarf.com or call: +7 (495) 369-53-61, 8 (800) 100-87-81 (toll-free)


Why Choose Us:

  • Completed over 5500 orders
  • Own advertising structures
  • Professional staff
  • Turnkey placement
  • 10 years of advertising placement experience
  • High advertising impact after just 2 placements

How to Make Airport Advertising in Bangkok Effective

  • Correct selection of advertising material: Advertising in Bangkok airports should be interesting and useful. Advertisements placed in airports must be attention-grabbing, bright, colorful, and dynamic. However, decency and law must be observed to avoid causing the opposite effect.
  • The quality and content of advertising material are critical for ads in Bangkok airports. It should include numerous close-up shots, bright and compelling scenes, and dynamic visual changes. Video ads should avoid small details and text, ensuring that brightness and contrast are adjusted for optimal visibility and impact.

Types of Advertising Materials Placed in the Airport:

  • Advertising on the approach to the airport.
  • Advertising on boarding passes.
  • Advertising in airport arrival halls.
  • Advertising on lightboxes.
  • Wi-Fi advertising, internet advertising.
  • Digital advertising on monitors, video walls.
  • Distribution of printed materials.
  • Advertising in magazines.
  • Indoor advertising.
  • Branding of baggage belts and curtains, baggage carts.
  • Non-standard placements: car exhibitions, branding of entry groups, hall elements, and floor coverings.
  • Coverage areas: registration, duty-free, departure, baggage claim.
Our staff will select the optimal format, design the project, handle all necessary approvals, manufacture and place the ads. Maximize your investment by reaching a million-strong audience of passengers and greeters! Advertising at the airport and its surrounding area guarantees success because air travelers are an audience with above-average income. They are travelers, businesspeople who value time and are willing to pay for quality services and goods. Tell them about yourself and gain thousands of new clients and partners, increase your income with minimal effort! Additionally, airport advertising is considered one of the most positively perceived, characterized by quality and long-lasting advertising contact.

Examples of Advertising in Bangkok Airports:

Contact Us:info@intermediarf.com or call: 8 (800) 100-87-81 (toll-free)

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