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Advertising on video screens in Johannesburg

The advertising agency «Intermedia Group» specializes in placing advertisements on digital video screens in Johannesburg and the Republic of South Africa (RSA), as well as other countries. We provide high-quality service and guarantee reasonable prices, along with discounts for advertising placements. We organize advertising campaigns throughout Russia, from planning to analyzing the effectiveness of ad placements. For your advertisement on video screens to be effective, we recommend choosing the right videos to ensure they are interesting and useful for passersby. The advertisement should be attention-grabbing, bright, colorful, and dynamic. At the same time, it is important to comply with the law and maintain decency to avoid a negative effect.

Why choose us:
  • We have completed over 5500 orders
  • Our own advertising structures
  • We employ professionals
  • Turnkey placement
  • We have been placing ads for 10 years
  • High advertising effect after just 2 placements

The cost of advertising on digital video screens in Johannesburg depends on various parameters: placement period, video duration, number of views, etc. The specialists at the advertising agency «Intermedia Group» have extensive experience in placing ads on digital video screens. Contact our agency and see for yourself.
We guarantee prompt service, great promotions, discounts, competitive prices for all services (without intermediary markups), and high-quality services. If you contact our advertising agency, our managers and advertising experts will prepare a favorable commercial offer with a discount for you.
Dear friends, to find out the cost of your specific advertisement on digital video screens in Johannesburg, please write to us at info@intermediarf.com or call 8 (800) 100-87-81. Our managers will calculate the cost of advertising on digital video screens with a discount. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call: 8 (800) 100-87-81 (toll-free) or email us at info@intermediarf.com.

A digital video screen is a new, effective way of advertising. This advertising medium transmits information in the form of a static image or animation. Video screens are highly contrasting and bright, making them ideal for installation in challenging conditions. Bright and dynamic images or animations effectively attract and hold the attention of potential customers.

LED screens are primarily installed in areas with high traffic and pedestrian flow. They are also placed near objects that slow down the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The advertising medium for such structures is a high-resolution LED panel, which ensures impressive delivery of advertising information regardless of the time of day.

This type of outdoor advertising operates around the clock, making it widely used in various fields.

Advantages of Advertising on Digital Video Screens

  • A wide variety of digital tools to attract consumer interest in the brand.
  • Ability to quickly launch an advertising campaign.
  • Simplified logistics, no need for printing and installation, which saves the advertiser’s money.
  • Flexibility in campaign duration. The renter can choose the required advertising time.
  • Ability to launch the ad on the desired day and time.
  • Ability to change the storyline during the advertising campaign.

Examples of Advertising on Digital Video Screens:



Write to us: info@intermediarf.com or call: 8 (800) 100-87-81 (toll-free)

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